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Roshankish Range Day


As a self defense school, we think it is important to develop skills in all aspects of survival. That’s why at Roshankish Martial Arts in Boston, we offer opportunities to become more well rounded in areas outside of just fighting.

At Roshankish Martial Arts, our instructors and guest instructors have extensive expertise in tactical training, outdoor survival, First Aid, CPR and First Responder, among other areas.

We want our students to be exposed to all aspects of preparedness and have the opportunity to further their training through seminars, certification courses and events offered at our Medford location and around Boston.

Roshankish Gun Safety Day

Roshankish Martial Arts partners with the most knowledgeable experts around the Boston area, as well as outside the area, to provide the best training to our students possible.

Check out some of our partners:
Security Boston
Tactical Dynamics

Group Seminars

Roshankish Martial Arts Boston offers corporate and group seminars on self defense. With over 30 years experience in protection, martial arts, and training to military, law enforcement and civilians, Ali Roshankish tailors his program to the situation his audience will most likely be experiencing.

Self defense is situational. He discusses how threats can be identified and avoided.

Roshankish Self Defense Seminars

There are physical and emotional effects that fear will have on any human. Ali Roshankish will walk you through how to recognize them and get past them so that your focus is on survival.

If you make the decision that you want to survive a fight, you will. Self defense is not complicated. You will not have time to remember tag lines or go through a quantitative risk analysis to decide what you will do in a dangerous situation.

Ali Roshankish teaches self defense classes that will give your group the knowledge, easy to remember techniques and confidence that you need to survive a threat.

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