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How would you react if you or your family were ever attacked by a ruthless thug? Would you know how to fend them off? Everyday we hear more sad statistics because people were not well trained and did not react in time. At Roshankish Krav Maga Boston, we provide real self defense experience and real training.

If you were armed with the ground-fighting skills that you can only get through Krav Maga, the battlefield-tested, iron-clad self-defense system developed by the Israeli Army, your odds of not only surviving an attack, but winning it, will skyrocket. Simply put, Krav Maga works. There’s no other self-defense program like it in the world.

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Using leverage and other techniques, subdue your opponent and defend yourself on the ground. Students learn an array of maneuvers, such as joint locks, chokeholds, grappling, sparring, ground holds and other close quarters techniques. BJJ is one of the best self defense training methods available and it is fun for students interested in competitions and sport tournaments.

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At Roshankish Martial Arts Center, we developed a program that uses Muay Thai, Kickboxing, striking and close-combat techniques that turn your entire body into a well-trained weapon.

Whether you want to learn how to defend yourself, or win in the ring, this course incorporates conditioning of the mind and body. With pad training and safe and controlled sparring, this intense cardio workout will give you the edge that you need.

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Although all of our classes will help keep you fit, Roshankish Martial Arts Center Boston offers fitness focused classes designed to shape you up, slim you down and help you achieve your fitness goals.

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The Women’s Self Defense program at RMAC Boston is a no-nonsense approach to awareness, control and defense against one or more attackers. Beware of programs that are not effective because of time wasted on things that simply will not be remembered in a high-stress, combat situation. At Roshankish Martial Arts Center Boston, we teach women how to be aware, assertive and to build the right muscle memory to efficiently and effectively get out of a dangerous scenario.

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Roshankish Martial Arts Boston members have access to some of the best learning opportunities from daytime outings to tactical training to seminars with the most knowledgeable subject matter experts.

Learn a new skill, take a gun safety class, participate in simunitions training, or get a CPR certification through Roshankish Martial Arts Center. Classes and seminars are offered at the Medford facility and in and around Boston, Massachusetts.

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