Women's Fitness Class

We have designed a program that you will see results just in six week. Our RWF (Roshankish Women’s Fitness) is based on Krav Maga fitness. What is Krav Maga? It is a military combat training which is used by the Israeli military and many other law enforcement agencies, but we are not going to teach you that. We are focusing on conditioning and the boot camp. In this class, you be doing jump ropes, burpies, pushups, squats, situps, weight training, boxing, kicking and for one hour we will make sure that you are doing that and plus more. This class is designed for women that want to get in shape, lose weight or are simply bored with the gym and not seeing any results. So if you are ready for a challenge and looking to change your bad habits and willing to commit, this is the class you have been waiting for. We are so confident about this program that we only sign you up by first interviewing you to make sure you are a right candidate for RWF classes. After you are qualified for the RWF course you need to finish your first the six weeks, then you will be invited to our regular program. Book your interview today. And remember Quitting is easy, the hardest part is starting. Hope to see you in the class.

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