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Investing in Krav Maga

(Monday, June 27, 2016)

What is Krav Maga?

Krav Maga is a fighting system that designed for the street. It encompasses fist fighting techniques as well as how to handle weapons such as knives, guns or sticks. Unfortunately, like many martial arts it is becoming commercialized and watered down.

Why is it important to train?

For me Krav Maga should be taught more physically, rather than all theory. Understanding theory is great, however once an actual fight starts, and your heart rate goes up, you will rely on your muscle memory and forget the theory. You can plan on punching someone, taking them down or pulling your knife out.  But in reality, a fight will happen too fast for your brain to process what you had planned. That is when your physical training must be developed enough so that you don’t need to think about it. The training just kicks in. In a threatening situation, you are only as good as your worst day of training.

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You may be surprised to know that many people train in martial arts or other self-defense disciplines and have never gotten hit. I believe you should experience that. So that when it happens, you can shake it off and keep fighting. When you train in too controlled of an environment and get too comfortable, the training is not as effective.  Training hard can also be fun with supportive people who want you to learn and want to make you tougher.

It is important be as realistic as possible when training in order to mimic the effects of stress on your body and your mind. From experience, most people freeze, some break down, and some change to survival mode.

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The more realistic your training, the faster your mind and body will react. Consequently, your chances will be better to survive and/or win a fight.

Why is it important to invest in self defense?

For most people, throughout our lives we think about preparation. Whether that’s by saving money, buying insurance, investments, homes, education, etc.

Sometimes life changes and bad things happen. We know they could happen, so why wouldn’t we prepare for the possibility that we may one day need to fight for our lives, loved ones and all that we worked so hard for?

Learning self defense is the same as insurance or risk management. You might use it, you might never, but it is there to protect you. You might never be in a position where someone tries to attack you, but when it happens, you will be ready and confident that you can handle the situation.

I always tell my students to make self defense part of your life. Make it as much of a routine as you can.  Train hard. Build muscle memory. You will be surprised how quickly your confidence, sense of preparation and happiness in life will increase.

– Ali Roshankish

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