Medford Kids Martial Arts Program

Martial arts is an invaluable learning tool for every young person looking for an active sport that will support confidence, conflict resolution skills, individuality, mental focus, perseverance, self respect and control while being active and having fun in a supportive environment.

The instructors at Roshankish Martial Arts are well trained and know how to bring out the best in each student. The program encourages respectful behavior, in the studio, at home, in school and on the street. Roshankish students are confident and defuse bullying behavior in a non-violent way. We also provide access to the best local, regional and national competitions and meet ups.

The Roshankish Martial Arts Youth program provides a great mixed martial arts foundation including principles from Muay Thai, Krav Maga and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Muay Thai is aerobic, fast paced and allows students to increase upon their striking skills, agility, form and stamina. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is ground work. An incredible martial art that that builds strength, discipline and muscle memory. Tying everything together, Krav Maga is a straight and to-the-point self defense system focusing on reality based scenarios and situational awareness.

Benefits of Roshankish Martial Arts Program

  1. Confidence and self control.
  2. Leads to a more balanced life.
  3. Learn how to react to teasing and bullying in school.
  4. Learn how to react to peer pressure.
  5. Be in a better mood.
  6. Being more disciplined and academically motivated.
  7. Develop more coordination and stay in shape.

Roshankish Martial Arts is conveniently located right outside Boston, in Medford, MA, and is accessible by public transportation.

Kids martial arts class